Working with a personal trainer


A well-designed physical training program allows you to reach your goals faster, more efficiently, and with better overall results. It helps you to avoid the hazards of improper training. And it is easier to maintain because it fits your schedule, your budget, your lifestyle, and your personality.

If you’re getting in shape for a marathon, triathlon, etc., you’ll find that sessions with a personal trainer will keep your conditioning and motivation at a high level.

Today, E.J. serves five general categories of clients:

  • Physical therapy patients – especially those who have recently undergone hip, knee or ligament replacement – and want to safely continue physical conditioning and return to the functionality of normal life.
  • People suffering from osteoporosis who want to build up bone density
  • Those who enjoy working with weights and who want to do so more efficiently and safely. This conditioning program places special emphasis on fat burning of muscle groups.
  • People who are training for marathons, triathlons, and other endurance races.
  • Those who simply want to remain in good physical shape.

My prices for training are as follows:


  • One time only – $90 (in San Francisco)
  • 5 sessions – $450 (in San Francisco)
  • 10 sessions- $800 (in San Francisco)
Outside the city I charge by the hour for travel time plus training and toll fees.


  • One time only – $100 ($50 a person)
  • 5 sessions – $475 ($237.50 a person)
  • 10 sessions – $950 ($475 a person)
Please be aware of my 24 hour cancelation policy: If you do not call 24 hours in advance of your session you will loose a session. If I do not call you in a 24 hour period I owe you a session.
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