Mary M.

After experiencing a series of injuries to my shoulder, I suffered from pain and lack of mobility and strength. So, about 6 years ago, I finally decided to take action to improve my situation I began working with E.J. on a twice-a-week basis. With E.J.’s guidance, my shoulder has now improved to the point where I not only have been able to avoid what seemed like certain surgery, I have also been able to engage in a range of activities again, including mountain biking. E.J. has been great. He has a gift for knowing how to make working out painless and fun. And, I never have to worry that he will have me doing movements that will lead to further injury. He carefully selects exercises and then monitors me to be sure that I am doing them properly. Over time, we have moved on to focus on far more than just my shoulder. I now do a workout with him that also includes aerobics, core, and flexibility activities. E.J. has been the perfect trainer for me–as evidenced by the fact that after 6 years, I have not only stayed with this, I feel I am still going strong!
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