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E.J. Edgerton has been my personal trainer for six years. I was referred to him by a rehabilitation therapist with whom I had consulted about impending ACL replacement surgery. My initial goal in working with E.J. was to build up my leg prior to surgery and then to rehab it after surgery. Since E.J. had had the very same surgery himself, he really knew what I was going to go through.

At about the same time, my doctor diagnosed some osteoporosis in the hip area. She urged me to go on medication. So instead of working with E.J. simply through my A.C.L. replacement rehabilitation, I continued working with E.J. after the successful rehabilitation with the goal of counteracting the osteoporosis without resorting to medication. So far, that goal is being met!

I can’t say enough about E.J.’s skills in keeping me healthy and active and in rehabilitating me after my surgery. His knowledge of the human body seems to rival and sometimes exceed, that of my medical professionals! With me, he has emphasized stretching, balance and strength, starting with core strength. Although my orthopedist told me at the time of surgery: “Face it. Your knee is NEVER going to be the same again”. I have proven him wrong and I give the credit to E.J’s guidance. I just returned from three glorious days of skiing at Northstar and I cannot detect a single difference in my knee from before I had my injury!

Thanks, E.J.

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