Some people find their work a job. For others, it’s a passion.


From his earliest years, E.J. has been passionate about physical conditioning. As an athlete in high school and college, he participated in a variety of sports and learned early on the importance of being in shape.

This interest carried over to the College of Idaho where he majored in Sports and Fitness Management. The curriculum gave him a solid grounding in kinesiology (muscles and bones), physiology (neural, muscular and chemical tissues) and related subjects.

After graduation in 1990, E.J. went to work for Chevron where he put his classroom experience to practical use, designing and administrating programs to optimize the physical health of employees.

In 1995 he moved to the Physis Fitness Center in San Francisco, a facility owned by a cardiologist. Working as a cardiac lab technician and trainer at Physis gave him a deeper understanding of the connection between conditioning and cardiac health and provided the know-how to develop effective conditioning programs for recovering cardiac patients.

In 1997, E. J. accepted a position as the Health and Fitness Coordinator at the Presidio YMCA where he was in charge of hiring, training, and guiding trainers. Two years later, he moved from being the YMCA’s full time Health and Fitness Coordinator into the role of personal trainer which he continued until 2005.

E. J. has always been in a hurry to learn as much as he can as fast as he can. And so, while still working as a trainer at the Y, he also began working two days a week at Red Hawk Physical Therapy Inc., serving first as a volunteer and then as a physical therapy aide. Personal trainers are generally trained in how to strengthen the major muscle groups. But physical therapists also work on the stabilizer muscles – that is, the smaller muscles in shoulders, hips, lower leg and feet that stabilize the larger muscles. These smaller muscles, which are often the site of pain or joint problems, can be overlooked by personal trainers. E.J.’s experience at Red Hawk Physical Therapy Inc., showed him how to develop conditioning programs that strengthen both the larger muscles and the stabilizer muscles so clients can actively exercise without injury.

In 2005 he left Red Hawk and the YMCA to pursue his own outside personal training practice.

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